SHINee World Haven 


Forever in love with SHINee ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


Advocates animal rights except for street dogs, if you happen to be a dog, please stop barking at random people especially shrimp.

Potatoes are a good thing too, like really good thing. I think I ate potato chips too much I got potato poisoning. I like foods, especially those that are free. meh

Tell my future guy to start writing romantic poems and thoughtful notes. Or, I’ll have to stay buried deep down Jonghyun’s ass – or Minho’s kind eyes, whichever is available.

I just need to say this because this is too important for my sanity. Jonghyun is an extremely precious person to me. He’s too deep and thoughtful and amazing and he always has something to say about life and love and society. He is very noisy. Like really, he is my ideal man. Marry me senpai  

He’s too emotional, like too emotional he’s probably crying as we speak. But it’s okay, I have tissues ready for him – and my seasonal snots. 


We can be friends if you’d like and talk about anything. So…do you know SHINee?


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