The Shrimp to a Five-Year Old

I was allowed to take a picture while he was nice enough not to grab my phone or run away. He has a lot of fluctuating moments. PS. He is showing the kind of “smile” when taking ID pictures – he recently learned it in school.

He once came running to me, excitedly telling me about a pack of “shrimp” he saw outside the house, and then literally pulled me with him to take a look at his discovery.

Few minutes later under the heat of the scorching sun was a sweating person that was me, trying to convince an equally sweating overly curious little boy, that the tiny black creatures merrily swimming in the canal weren’t actually shrimp but, in fact, tadpoles.

He finally believed me and agreed that they were tadpoles – and then plotted that we catch and take them home because they were “cute” (he said the word ‘cute’ for the first time in his five years on earth lol).

You’re a cute king and I’m your slave but BISTCH THERES NO WAY IM GONNA GO DOWN AND HOLD THOSE SLIMY DISGUS—- 

I had to shakily desperately carefully explain to him that they probably don’t want to be disturbed so we should go back inside, all the while mentally drinking the sweat everywhere on me. 

Five year olds always hold the longest discussions and ask the weirdest questions ever. But honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

To this day the memory of him reporting his newfound obsession to me remains untouched in the deepest pit of my heart, bringing me smiles every time I recall. 

Nowadays, he is obsessed with the sharing app called “SHAREit” that every time I visit him, he asks me if I know about it and then goes to demonstrate how to share applications by using his tablet and his mom’s phone. He transfers everything. It is safe to say that my sister’s phone is half plagued with Spiderman games. 

He is my nephew and the first grandson in the family, so he is pretty spoiled by virtually everyone – myself helplessly included.

He is now in pre-school. I think he grows up too fast! grrrr! 

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