Almost Gold

You twinkle and shine that’s blinding me
Like an ocean pearl that’s enchanting me

I squinted harder and picked you up
Laid you on a pedestal no one can climb
And declared myself as your protector

I was too convinced you deserved more
So flowers and musks I gathered more
The best potion I created
So that you will be magnificent even more

Bathe yourself with this goodness!
I gleefully inform you
And you will become the precious gold that you should be!

But Oh then the ground shook
Nothing new I said in calm
Quests like this must come
Just keep holding on
The little quiver shall pass

To my horror you began changing
The twinkle and shine slowly fading
All those that took me in quickly shedding

I watched sadly in realization
As your mask crumbled beyond restoration

You were just another stone in the seashore
Just one step away from being gold

Had it not been for the quake
I would have not known
That you were never the one I believed in

I would have wanted to keep you forever
I could have kept you forever

But you were just another passerby in the road
Lost in direction

One step and I could have let you in
But you were just another stranger
That was meant to go somewhere faraway

Please be careful on your way
It was nice meeting you



Happily drowns myself in perpetual self-induced misery

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