Dance of the Wicked

Behind those smiles are mocking laughters.
Behind those greetings are feigned ignorance.
Behind those convincing speeches are selfish intentions.
Behind those seemingly appropriate attires are inappropriate stands.

Behind those “fair and square” ordeal for the commons are personal favors from the few oligarchs.
Behind those “limited” funds are pockets bursting from fraud.
Behind those new reached “deserved” heights are whispers of influence.

Behind those toasts of power are muffled cries of injustice.
Behind those little freewills are hands tight on neck.

Behind those proclamations of “strong faith” in public are fading conscience and views too narrow.

Behind those offers of friendships are threats behind closed doors.
Behind those huge family ties are blood shed by the innocent and weak.

Behind those teachings of good manners to the young are adults demonstrating the opposite.

Behind those endless banquets and abundant supply of foods in variety are children sleeping in hunger.

Behind the lack of progress and poverty are rulers and followers letting the land drown in misery.

Behind those tinted windows are eyes belittling humanity.

My dream is to be a good person such that when I reach my goals in life and I become someone worth to be tempted for evil wrongdoings in exchange for lofty status and pregnant pockets, I would be able to refuse and stand firm on my beliefs, my dignity safe and my conscience beating in power, still shining in my hands.



Happily drowns myself in perpetual self-induced misery

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