I was peacefully walking back home one rainy night when an old man riding a motorcycle suddenly slowed down near me. I did not dare look at him but i could feel his eyes boring holes into my soul. At that point in time my mind blacked out. My knees went weak and wobbly. And then my hand suddenly felt heavy. I remembered i was holding something but i was not sure what it was anymore. I told myself that if this old creep is going to rob me or do anything funny, i’m not gonna let him have his way. So i wore my hood back and crossed the street walking fast like a ninja. When i had gone a little faraway from him, i heard him chuckle to himself and turned the handle of his motorcycle on the opposite road. I suddenly stopped walking and watched him disappear from my sight among other cars that were probably wishing there was less traffic . I realized i blocked that poor old man from making a U-turn earlier.



Happily drowns myself in perpetual self-induced misery

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